#TEDxWeekendTaipei2019: APAC celebration of 10 years of TED

#TEDxWeekendTaipei2019 surpassed all my expectations! Taipei was one of five cities in the world selected by TED to help celebrate their 10 year anniversary with an exclusive event for TEDx organisers. https://youtu.be/AZEN7fG31g0 I travelled to Taiwan representing TEDxCanberra and joined TEDxers from 40+ nationalities. We learned from each other, gained new inspiration to create more [...]

Entrepreneurship can also be frustrating

Gonzalo Collarte

Do you feel like you have a winning idea with lots of potential? is it something you are passionate about? Many startups and companies never get the results they expect, without even knowing why. Has this ever happened to you? Don’t let the typical problems every entrepreneur's face delay your business plans. Problems can be [...]

Lean Startup: cambio de mentalidad para aprender fallando: ADnews 63

Gracias a Mercado Negro por publicar un artículo que escribí sobre #LeanStartup en su ADnews N°63; pueden leerlo en la página 39 de su publicación digital colgada en Issuu, en su web o directamente aquí: Lean Startup es una metodología para desarrollar negocios y productos viables reduciendo el tiempo y costo invertido. Es una metodología “fail-friendly” donde el foco está en el aprendizaje continuo [...]