Push-Up Challenge 2021 & 2022!

I joined The Push-Up Challenge in 2021. 1 second for each of the 25 days and 3318 push-ups of The Push-Up Challenge; I can officially say the challenge is completed!

But in 2022 I admit this time I struggled during the final weeks as I travelled interstate and internationally preparing for events.

I started the journey pushing from my Sydney home, to the Canberra Airport, the Airbnb I stayed in the ACT, my Australian Local Government Association office, the National Convention Centre Canberra (NCCC) entry at 7am at 0 degrees, the Royal Theatre before our #NGA22 started, to Lake Burley Griffin, to Fitness First Australia, the Sydney Airport waiting for my Qantas flight, to the streets of Singapore at 30 degrees for a TEDxSingapore event, the Marina Bay buildings, finishing on Changi Airport Group’s architectural masterpiece, the “Jewel”.

Let’s remember that the reason behind the challenge is mental health support, but doing so while exercising, having fun and promoting a healthy and positive conversation about the topic, especially as we move away from the pandemic. Reach out to people you know who may be having a hard time and talk about it.

If you haven’t already, join me in #pushingup and register for next year!

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