Seeking a radical change #SME

Getting this project started was not easy but, as soon as we began, the rest of the process quickly became something special. There’s nothing more comforting than working with #SME.

The client was a small market, a humble shopping centre with many problems, doubts and fears after some bad experiences.

From our very first meeting, the potential was there. Their desire to make things change and a clear determination to convince the members of the cooperative of the need of a good marketing consultancy. After a few meetings, they finally understood our vision, and we felt extra motivated when we realized the impact that our work would have on the lives of so many families, in a very positive way, and that’s why we offered them a very good deal, which was approved to start working right away.

From market research, to help them determine their strengths, weaknesses, threats and, above all, the myriad of opportunities they had, we set realistic objectives, strategies and actions clearly established so they could understand why they were necessary for every step of the process.

3X7A1644_editedThis is the reason we offered several training sessions and workshops, this brought us much closer with them, it’s been amazing to see the interest and commitment they put in reviewing various theoretical and practical issues.

Here’s a taste of a few of the training workshops we provided them with: 23/11/201704/01/201811/01/201818/01/201823/01/2018.

3X7A1612_We also help them to understand their clients, now directing all of their efforts on build loyalty and creating a better experience for their target audience, the housewives of the surrounding neighbourhood in the first place, and to attack the rest of the district, and all of the city later.

They have many opportunities to improve their trade marketing negotiations and, above all, to start communicating using segmented messages to reach their clients, to understand the use of each communication channel available to have the best impact in niches they need to reach with their events, offers or promotions, and have these be integrated year calendar. They a renewing their corporate image, going to have a presence in digital media, always in a continuous improvement process.

3X7A1699_1The whole process has been very rewarding, sadly, I had to make an unexpected trip before the final presentation, but my commitment was such that I continued to review the work and presentation on board an 8-hour flight to Los Angeles until the last moment. It’s amazing to think that when we start implementing the plan, it’s really going to be a radical change, going from having nothing at a marketing level, to having a full professional plan.

And as Oscar Mendoza, committee secretary, said, they are very happy and really excited about what is to come, “we are learning very much from you, and we can already see the results that are taking place after the first few events and promos, the rest of the team are happy and can’t wait to start implementing the plan to improve the success of our market”.

20180111_163242_The important thing is that today I’m again convinced that regardless of the budget, you will always be able to achieve good objectives if you work hard, with a lot of effort and not a bit laziness, everything is possible, and you do not really need millions to communicate what you need your target audience. Today, the digital tools are the strongest in the market, and they are available to everyone, traditional media is actually now only complementing the new digital strategies, only used when it makes sense to have a massive reach.

Remember, we can ALWAYS work to get effective solutions, a proposal can always be adjusted to meet the objectives you are looking for, everything is possible with a little effort, always.

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