#TEDxWeekendSingapore2022 Highlights!

TEDxWeekendSingapore was a unique 3-day event to reconnect the APAC community of TEDx organisers as we move away from the pandemic to create new alliances, share best practices and learn from each other to keep spreading local ideas.

Seeing familiar faces in person after 2.5 years, meeting new people, and going through the same experiences together in the warmth of the context (literally because of the weather and figuratively because of the emotional bonds created) made the event memorable.

Through different activities and workshops, we learned about beautiful Singapore and its focus on technology, sustainability, architecture and inclusion.

We saw Singapore through alternative tours, hearing tales of conservation in ‘shophouses’, and exploring spaces that allow for inclusion. The contrast between the traditional architecture and the technology-oriented side of the city presented an ethical dilemma – should historic buildings be preserved even when current generations struggle to find affordable housing in a city with nowhere else to grow?

We heard from Caroline Burke and Will Davis from TED Conferences; Charu Kokate, one of the architects that designed many of the Marina Bay buildings and Changi Airport Group’s the Jewel; Clifford Teo Jian Lun from the incredible ARC the Community; Seng Choon Koh from Dignity Kitchen Hong Kong 厨尊; Jesher L. from Ya Kun Kaya Toast; Honor Harger from ArtScience Museum Singapore; and fantastic venues like Resorts World Sentosa, S.E.A. Aquarium, SG Enable Enabling Village, The Brewerkz Company Orchard Rendezvous.

This was also my first international flight in a while! I joined TEDxCanberra as a volunteer in 2018 (thanks, Chun-Yin San) and still love it. Thanks once again to Vivian Lim and the amazing TEDxSingapore team for producing another fantastic event and being such great hosts!

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