ALGA’s 2022 National General Assembly Highlights!

The hard work of months came to fruition with the Australian Local Government Association’s #NGA22 a few weeks ago.

Events happen because of an enormous team effort; they are built on years of experience paying attention to details to allow for an ever-perfecting process that helps brands be associated with a positive experience in the mind of the customers.

This was my first proper multi-day conference produced! and it was an emotional experience; having lived 4 years in Canberra and recently moving to Sydney, going back to the ACT always fills my heart with happiness. Also, during the event, I got a first-hand peek at the passion and hard work the Local Governments of Australia put into everything they do. 1000+ representatives of 537 councils came together for the first time in 2+ years as we move away from the restrictions of the pandemic.

Different panels and keynotes help delegates further understand and deal with everyday issues; council motions were discussed and approved to be included in ALGA’s list of priorities and to help them with policy and advocacy efforts when representing them nationally.

I’m proud to know that my work contributes to the needs of hundreds of local communities with millions of people all around the country. Talk about making an impact! 🤲

It’s incredible how everything came together, from selecting the date and venues (thanks, Brendon Prout, Canberra Convention Bureau), to getting the theme for the event (thanks to the ALGA board), to the multiple meetings with our fantastic events agency, Conference Co-ordinators (thanks Megan Douglas and team, you guys are rock stars), to reviewing and approving designs (Shahna Linden you were the best at creating designs to our concept and adapting them), to the billion iterations of the program and detailed run sheet (I keep using a template inspired in one used for Herbalife Nutrition’s “Extravaganza” for the LATAM region with Cristina Díaz), to booking and briefing speakers and writing their notes (thanks Darren Hunter, Liz de Chastel, Sanjiv Sathiah and Monica Telesny), to the logistics of closing details with sponsors and exhibitors (Michale New you are a wizard), to executing the event (thanks Linda Scott (GAICD), and all the ALGA team including John Pritchard, Jaimee Bell, Cameron Ross), running into Liz Bendeich at National Convention Centre Canberra (NCCC), to early morning staff meetings, being on your feet all day, taking photos and videos to cover the event in socials as it happens, to dealing with the media (thanks Kelly McManus), pausing to take a selfie with our super talented MC/author/speaker Alicia McKay (thanks Shannon B. and Cameron Fink), to going to the sub-event dinners at the National Museum of Australia and EPIC, to receiving positive feedback from our delegates. All under the leadership of Darren Hunter and Matt Pinnegar, thank you guys; the event would not have happened without you.

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