E-Scooting my way out of lockdown! 💪

As we came out of lockdown and restrictions were eased, I bought an electric scooter – this was 2 months before Beam and Neuron Mobility launched in the ACT. For the next 6 months, I chose to go to work riding my e-scooter, and I discovered a whole new side of Canberra. I found many bike tracks I had no idea existed, that worked as shortcuts, going through beautiful national park reserves, and was able to get to the office – Bruce to Lyneham – in 15 minutes! same time, if not shorter, than by car! And they are so compact that I was able to “park” it under my desk! I must thank the Canberra Business Chamber for being ok with this 🙌

So, this time around we are in lockdown again, and it’s likely to affect us all, especially if it gets extended; so, when the time comes, try e-scooting to work for a few days, I promise you will smile, feel amazing, and you’ll probably get to work faster and feeling happier than usual. I know I will be safely riding my E-Glide G60 (in case you’re considering buying one) on our way out of this lockdown. We will get through this Canberra! 💪

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